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Our clients are startups, businesses, and investors who pursue passion and purpose to solve problems, fulfill needs, or inspire ways of life. They trend toward creative and technology driven brands that appreciate the quintessential California lifestyle.

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We represent startups developing and validating a repeatable and scalable business model.

They may not yet be profitable, but they have high growth potential and raise several millions in outside angel and VC financing to fund growth. If they successfully raise multiple rounds of financing and execute the business model, their founders and investors typically seek an exit through sale to a strategic acquirer or private equity group, or through an IPO.


We represent small and lower middle market businesses executing a repeatable and scalable business model.

They are typically profitable with steady growth, or on a path to profitability. They may self-finance or raise between $500K and $10MM in outside debt or equity financing. Their owners may seek an exit on retirement or in the next 5 to 10 years through sale to individual investors, strategic acquirers, or company employees, or to a private equity group.


We represent investors and investor groups who provide financing to early-stage startups.

Typically these investors are angels or VCs who invest at pre-seed, seed, or early series stages. Their investment amounts are typically in the $500K to $15MM range. They are accredited, high-net-worth individuals who have operated or exited from successful businesses or have industry expertise.



Coeptus has a passion for understanding business law and staying out front on the latest changes and how they may affect our agreements.