How We Work

We are inspired by design thinking and its human-centered approach to innovation. Borrowing from the designer’s toolkit, we’ve developed processes and principles to deliver legal services more thoughtfully.


Each client and transaction is unique, but our approach works across the board. It helps us to ensure we are delivering services that are engaging, usable, & useful.

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  1. Understand

    We begin each engagement by gathering information and seeking to understand the status quo of the business, people, and systems involved in the matter, particularly from our client’s and each stakeholder’s perspective. We also seek to understand our client’s objectives, how they relate to one another, and which are critical to success. We consider both legal and business factors.

  2. Define

    We frame, re-frame, and ultimately define the issues or desired outcomes by synthesizing the information we gathered and our preliminary understanding of the matter.

  3. Ideate

    Once we define the issues or desired outcomes, we brainstorm options for solving or accomplishing them. We present those options to our clients to select from, and we provide guidance throughout the selection process. But our client is the ultimate decision-maker.

  4. Outline

    After choosing an option to pursue, we outline the likely next steps and structure a plan for implementation.

  5. Implement

    Using the outline as our guide, we implement the plan while monitoring, assessing, and communicating its progress – making updates and revisiting earlier steps in the process as necessary.

  6. Review

    Both during and after implementation, we solicit client feedback, for example, through review and revision of transaction documents or periodic check-ins to determine if issues remain solved or desired outcomes remain accomplished.

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Our approach is built on foundational principles that serve our behaviors and reasoning. They help us to achieve meaningful work and meaningful relationships for better legal outcomes.


We want our clients to feel smart, confident, and in control of the complex laws that apply to them. We work collaboratively and as peers in offering both insight and oversight to reinforce strategic decision-making.


We generate and organize options to assist our clients in arriving at their chosen solution. We present options clearly and with their associated pricing, so clients understand where they are, where they are going, and what they are getting.


We work with intention. We strive to be diligent – sensitive to key details, what might go wrong, and what might be made better – without over-lawyering. We think critically about the documents we prepare and prefer plain English.