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Helping our clients navigate complex systems and make supported decisions for their long-term interests.

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Who We Are

Founded in San Diego, Coeptus draws inspiration from the coastal California lifestyle.

Home to surf, sand, trails, and the people who enjoy them because of their deep respect for nature and community, and because of their unwavering drive to build something bigger than themselves. These are the people we represent through a combination of bespoke service and modern convenience to realize our most important role – trusted advisors.

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What We Do

We offer business and corporate legal services to private companies and investors who want to leverage legal preparedness to proactively manage risk and create value for growth or exit. Our services include outside general counsel and transactional representation.

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We like to meet and greet with prospective clients to determine if we would be a good fit before engaging


Outside General Counsel

Routine access to experienced legal professionals to help clients coordinate legal activities, avoid legal problems, and capitalize on business opportunities.

Transactional Representation

Periodic engagement on transactional matters in a variety of practices throughout the business lifecycle, whether clients are launching, operating, growing, or exiting.

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Who We Work With

Our clients are startups, businesses, and investors who pursue passion and purpose to solve problems, fulfill needs, or inspire ways of life.

Explore who we work with below to learn more.

How We Work

We are influenced by design thinking & its human-centered approach to innovation.

Borrowing from the designer’s toolkit, we’ve developed processes and principles to deliver legal services more thoughtfully.